Frequently Asked Questions

What Classes Are Offered?
Please see our Classes Offered page to find a description of programs and services offered throughout the year.

How Can I Volunteer?
Interested volunteers should email our volunteer coordinators at to ask about available opportunities, hours, and orientations. All volunteers are expected to attend an orientation and should get in contact with the volunteer coordinators to set up a time. For additional information please see Volunteering Info to learn more.

Can I Do My Community Service Work with ALCES?
ALCES works with community service workers to maintain the general facility. We ask that you contact us in a timely manner before beginning your hours. Please call (706) 549-5002 to see when you can begin.

When Does the New Class Cycle Start?
New classes are constantly starting and finishing. Please contact our office at (706) 549-5002 to get the latest information about our classes.

When Can I Take My Placement Exam?
ESOL placement testing will take place prior to the start of the new cycle. Please call us at (706) 549-5002 to find out when the new cycle begins.

What Materials Do I Need for Deferred Action?
If you have additional questions after reviewing the list, please feel free to call us to ask questions at (706) 549-5002.

Who Does Translation Services?
Jelas: 706-546-1845

Who is ALCES’ recommended immigration attorney?
Depending on the type of case and location of the client, ALCES recommends several attorneys in the Atlanta and Athens area. Please call us at (706) 549-5002 for more information.