GED Preparation Program


About the GED Preparation Program 

ALCES offers GED preparation programs in Spanish and English during the weekday and weekend. We serve up to 60 students a week and have plans to expand up to 200 students with grant funding over the next 3 years. We offer four classes corresponding to the five separate sections of the GED; reading and writing which are combined into a language class, social studies, science and math.

We strive to provide our students with the most attentive instruction and are working with volunteers to provide personalized tutoring free of charge outside the classroom. Our classes include instructional time, one on one tutoring, and computer skill instruction needed to take the new computerized GED. We have a success rate of around 80% and have had many students go on to complete all parts of their GED since we began courses in 2012.

We are the only program to offer GED in Spanish in our region and have students from all over Northeast and Central Georgia enrolled with us.

Class Schedule and Costs