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Why volunteer?

People have a wide array of motivations for volunteering including serving a worthy cause, networking, gaining skills and experience, etc., and nonprofit organizations benefit greatly from the cost effective contributions of volunteers. In order to run all of its programs, Athens Latino Center for Education and Services (ALCES) utilizes approximately thirty-five volunteers on a weekly basis fulfilling various roles, such as aiding in ESOL instruction, Spanish instruction, GED instruction, citizenship instruction, CRCT instruction and administrative/office work. However, ALCES does not intend for its exchanges with volunteers to be one sided, but rather aims to nurture ongoing and mutually beneficial relationships.

Where We Need Volunteers?

Front Desk Assistant

Be knowledgeable about current and upcoming events, programs, and classes
Prepared to answer any questions regarding our services
Be organized and orderly, particularly regarding materials and paperwork
Responsible for answering the phone calls in a precise and professional manner
Responsible for collecting payment and issuing receipts if necessary
Be able to answer question in Spanish and English
Sign up students for classes
Update class records

ESOL Classroom Assistant

Prepare and manage one 10-15 minute ESOL game/activity per class
Monitor and assist ESOL students in the classroom
Assist in classroom tasks/activities
Sub for instructor upon approval from ESOL Coordinator

ESOL Tutor

Identify student’s needs and develop an academic plan for success
Maintain a positive, energetic, and productive tutoring session

GED Classroom Assistant

Prepare and manage one 10-15 minute ESOL game/activity per class
Monitor and assist GED students in the classroom
Assist in classroom tasks/activities
Sub for instructor upon approval from GED Coordinator

GED Tutor

Identify student’s needs and develop an academic plan for success
Maintain a positive, energetic, and productive tutoring session

Marketing Assistant

Plan and execute off-site marketing events
Create ALCES promotional materials Computer files, flyers, posters, etc.
Update ALCES social media in Spanish and English Twitter, Facebook, Monthly Newsletter, Athens Patch and website Market special events, ongoing programs and workshops through media outlets
Network with community organizations in order to identify key community organizations and individuals
Maintain a presence in community events Churches/Organizations Local Festivals/Fairs
Draft press releases under the supervision of the Board and Directors
Attend meetings with Marketing Director, ALCES Executive Director, and Board Members

Fundraising Assistant

Organize small fundraisers under the supervision of Fundraising Director
Coordinate events with University Greek life
Table at events such as Community Fairs and Festivals Local organizations’ events Coordinate with team for the planning and implementation of fundraising events
Report all fundraising efforts to Fundraising Director Ie. contacts, donors, funds, budgeting, call log etc…
Create ALCES promotional materials for fundraising events Computer files, website, flyers, posters, etc.
Collaborate with Fundraising Director and other volunteers to create Annual Fundraising Proposal Attend meetings related to fundraising

Web Designer

Maintain website weekly Map or edit images and graphics for website use Determine all coding requirements for site creation including; capability, forms and specialized scripts Create templates or approved website layout Code website using HTML or GUI design software Coordinate with programmers for specialized scripts Make changes to the site directed by ALCES

Special Events Program Coordinator

Work directly with Executive Director, Board Members and other Coordinators to set up events
Draft proposals of new programs to present at Board Meetings
Prepare and Lead Meetings with volunteers, partners and community leaders to provide additional programs to our students
Plan special events and ongoing programs
Lead grant writing and appreciation events
Document all communication with partners and present write up of each event to Executive Director

Board Service

Attend monthly meetings
Network with larger Athens community
Work with other Board members to carry out mission of ALCES
Hold events to educate the public of ALCES’ activities
Work with other Board members to hold fundraisers, Co-host special events
Work with other Board members to oversee projects and operational needs

Also, you can find us on HandsOn Northeast Georgia or Volunteer Connection by creating an account and doing a search for Athens Latino Center to find our most up to date volunteer opportunities.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in any of the volunteer opportunities we offer or if you would like to find out more.

6 thoughts on “Volunteer

  1. Benita Kurtz

    I am a student at the University of Georgia currently enrolled in an education class and would like to volunteer for your program

  2. Pranay Udutha


    I am interested in volunteering in order to practice my Spanish and serve my community. A friend of mine is also interested in joining me. We are both conversant in Spanish. Please let me know what times volunteers may come in and assist your organization. We are open to working with all ages, but if possible, we are most interested in volunteering with adults- tutoring for GED or citizenship


    Pranay Udutha
    Ramsey Honors Scholar
    International Affairs & Biology ’14

  3. Walter

    My name´s Walter I am from Bolivia and I like a volunteer for you, but I have a problem, I am an intern and I live in Snapfinger way, so how can I do with the transport? ho I don´t have car.

  4. Jesse Zimmerman

    Hi Walter,

    I saw your post about volunteer opportunities at ALCES and how it would be possible for you since you are limited by transportation. The only thing I can suggest is taking the buses to our office. We are close to Athens transit routes 5 and 7 as well as the University Medical Sciences bus. Our address is 1692 Prince Ave, just after the GA Medical College and before the loop.

    If you think it would be possible to work something out with the public transportation I would love to hear about positions you are interested in volunteering for such as tutoring, web design, classroom assistance etc…
    Please, if you have any more questions feel free to email me back.

    Natalie Bouyett
    Program Coordinator

  5. Jesse Zimmerman

    Hi Pranay,
    I am very excited to hear of your and your friend’s interest in this area. We are always in great need of tutors for Spanish speakers. Please, get in contact with the volunteer coordinators at alcesvolunteer@gmail.com to set up a time to do orientation. I believe there will be orientation September 12th at 10:00AM and one in the evening. If you can make this you will be able to get started immediately. If you have any questions please let the volunteer coordinators know.
    Natalie Bouyett
    Program Coordinator

  6. Jesse Zimmerman

    Hi Benita,
    I am sorry for the delayed response, but if you are still interested in volunteering please send an email to alcescenter@gmail.com about areas you would be interested in volunteering. They will set you up with an orientation time and get you started as soon as possible. Once again I am sorry for the delay but we would love to have you with us.
    Natalie Bouyett
    Program Coordinator

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