The Staff

Susan Wilson: Executive Director
After already being extensive involved in our community for numerous years, Susan’s susaninvolvement with the Latino community in Athens began in 1998, when she started teaching English as a Second Language as a volunteer with Catholic Social Services. This was some years after she finished a Masters degree in Comparative Literature, with a concentration in medieval studies and Spanish, and while she was teaching Spanish to UGA students in the Evening Classes division. Her first ESL teaching assignment was at the Family Support Center in the Garnett Ridge Community, a neighborhood of Latino and African American families. That led to her joining the Family Support Center’s staff as the Educational Program Director and then accepting the post of Unit Director when the Family Support Center became a Boys and Girls Club. Twelve years of working with mostly Latino children and families in a 600 square foot facility helped to develop a skill set ranging from emergency plumbing repair and pediatric first aid; through adult ESL instruction and youth-development-program planning, supervision and implementation; to event planning, facilities management and operations direction, and general non-profit administration —  all in both Spanish and English.  She hopes to put most of these skills to use in helping ALCES to fulfill its mission and to become a premier center for service to the Latino community in Athens and beyond.